Environment Solutions

Look into the nature and you will understand everything better.

In the environmental and waste industry, business profitability is driven by minimizing operating expenses and maximizing resource efficiency. Safety and industry compliance are also critical elements that present challenges to this segment. With AIB, your business can remain successful because we can help you ensure that waste collection and disposal processes are highly productive.

AIB environmental solutions cover all the needs that take place in every step of the waste management process. Our portfolio provides complete positioning solutions and services, starting at the waste collection, transportation through recycling and disposal at modern sanitary landfills or waste-to-energy facilities.

Solar Power Plant

– Expert in harnessing the power of Sun.

  • Residential

    We make it convenient and affordable for anyone to go with the solar energy.

  • Commercial

    We help your business to make the optimum use of solar energy.

  • Power Plant

    We innovate and deliver large scale solar solution at the cost effective way.

Photovoltaic System Brochure

You can download the brochure here: Photovoltaic System.pdf

Green Houses

– Maximize the crop yield while keeping the use of water and fertilizer minimum –

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  • Environmental Solutions and Services - Page 0 - Solar Panel - Green House -Jardin Botanique
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  • Environmental Solutions and Services - Page 0 - Solar Panel - Green House


Artigianfer Dossier Brochure

Download here: Artigianfer Dossier.pdf

Green House Brochure

Download here: Green Houses.pdf

Green Arabic Brochure

Download here: Green Arabic.pdf

Presentazione Brochure

Download here: Presentazione.pdf

We offer a full service approach to create, implement, manage and measure greenhouse solution for our customers spanning across several market sectors throughout the gulf.

Our Services Include:-

  • Design
  • Product Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Maintenance

Waste Management

– Let’s be Free of Waste –

We are dedicated in providing an environmental friendly waste management and recycling services.

 Our Services Include:-

  • Waste Disposal Solution.
  • Recycle.
  • Equipment’s.

Waste Recycling Brochure

Download here: Recycling Plant.pdf